New Single From The X-Menn ‘Get It Up’

The X-Menn ‘Get It Up’

Just got it mastered and it sounds monster working on May 20, 2014 release day. It’s featuring The Black Xavier, Natural L.G. and Tony Born. It’s bass driven punch and was created to show off the artist skills. This ones definitely for the clubs as it thumps. Also to co-inside with the new X-Men release in the movies. So look out for it soon.

It’s 4:22 AM and I Have Mush Mouth

It’s 4:22 AM and I Have Mush Mouth


You know when you wake up in the morning and your mouth taste like a piece of carpet has been it all night. Also a little drivel just enough wet saliva or drool on the side of your face. Dam what a bitch!

1st – I’m glad that summer is about to appear finally

2nd – What’s up with my dream in music where I work so hard and receive so little, I feel people are start to ask questions

3rd – The trust factor is very strained with every new person I try to help

4th – I really love what I do

5th – I hope I meet many new people and network where we can help each other survive

6th – My goal of 50 thousand units is still a must

This week ima

Yea this week I gave new tracks to Eve Soto and Grandma Leslyn. I’m getting close to finishing up Eve’s album. The music and production is out of this world. I can’t wait for everyone to listen to it. Just got to get inside and put our nose to the grindstone and grind it out.

Also I gave Grandma Leslyn some new material she starting to show me some serious skills in writing. I can’t wait to get some of the these new songs recorded. The new song we finished and have coming out is called “Run Away Love” it tremendous and awesome.

Today specifically Eve has one of her biggest shows of all she’s performing with Dougie Fresh and Mary J. Blige from what I was told.

I’m also looking to move to make my expenses cheaper so I can do more movement in promoting the projects I’m working on. I plan to set up 2 different kinds of meeting with many different decision makers. Publishing and distribution.