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I’m At Another Crossroads in My Life

Yep, I’m At Another Crossroads in My Life

I did a project with one of the artists I’ve worked with for many years, we even had a well know producer as an A&R (Dallas Austin). At the completion, we all agreed that the project was a classic. I felt very strongly about it on the positive side.

Here’s where it gets a little tricky. I’ve had Lyor Cohen listen to the material and tell me my sound is dated. I’ve had Russell Simmons listen to and tell me that I don’t have the shit in it.

I’ve love to create music, but I’m tired of hitting a wall every single time I finish a project.

I’ve even got scammed by the ultimate scammer Mike Baril.

Should I continue and keep going?

Or Should I Keep It Going?

Adult Decisions Can Be Extremely Hard

Adult Decisions Can Be Extremely Hard

Last week I found out that my partner of 12 years will have to be put down soon. This is due to growths on her mammary glands. This really sucks. I don’t want her to suffer but I don’t want to just put her down when she has a good amount of life left. When you’re young sometimes these situations can be easy because it’s out of your hands and someone else older makes the decision. But when you’re older, the buck stops with you. Only you can make this kind of Adult Decision.

This is my world, but I know others are dealing with just as extreme or even more extreme decisions.

Choosing whether any kind of being lives or dies is very stressful.

In the past I’ve watched a close relative slow walk towards that slow road to death through hospice. It wasn’t pretty and didn’t feel good at all.

Why Be Awestruck With Celebrities Who Have Never Accomplished Anything?

Why be awestruck with celebrities who have never accomplished anything?

It always amazes me how people follow celebrities. How they get awestruck of a single person. We’ve all been born to this earth and time the same way. We all have been challenged the same as everyone else. I just don’t get how a person can become so obsessed with an entity so that they follow them around or even stalk them.

On the other hand, I do have mutual respect for persons who’ve accomplish major things in their life. I like seeing this because it’s a motivational and inspirational factor. Almost an internal call to action.

Make your art sell on its own so they can’t tell you shit!

It’s really quite interesting when you’re an artist and you come up with a concept and you complete your art with a certain direction only to be told by an industry exec that the concept can’t make money. But your initial direction was not to make money was just to make art. Got to have thick skin when you’re an artist and stay true to who you are and really know what you’re trying to present. Not everybody’s going to love what you do just as long as you do.

If you’re going to chase the rabbit, get ready to jump through hoops and become something who you’re not.

If you want to do it without the majors, make your art sell on its own so they can’t tell you shit!

its all about sex when promoting - runjoerun image

It’s All About Sex When Promoting

It’s all about sex when promoting

After having a good talk with a friend, he pointed out something which I’ve known but recently overlooked. It’s all about sex when promoting anything. These subtle nuances added to a product promotion always are triggers for people to be interested. Whether music, cars, applesauce and so on.

its all about sex when promoting - runjoerun image

I am a musician by heart and a study on promotion and marketing, in which I have recently become more in depth. I would figure it would be more man than women are interested in this premise but as I examine the issue, I find that women are of equal showing. My unprofessional guess is that people are always searching for the things in life that will improve their lives. They may not be satisfied in what they have or they may be satisfied and just want improvement. So when you show them a guy or girl with the physical characteristics with whom they can subconsciously put themselves with, they get sucked in without knowing.

Within the next couple of weeks, I’m going to try and experiment with this premise. I’m going to make ADs with people who have great physical attributes and people with less physical attributes. I want to see which one of these approaches fair better. I will keep a keen eye on people reactions to both to see if there is truth in this.

I’ve never been a study on what fairs better, but in this case, I’m very intrigued in what will take place. I’ve already had assumptions and I want to prove or disprove them. My reason, I want to become more successful on turnover rates when marketing products. I want to see the results so I can apply the solution to this premise to everything I’m selling or promoting.


People say that “Sex Sells”, I want to see how true this is.